Back after a long walk #For the Love of our Girls#

It’s been a couple of months away and lessons We’ve learn; whether good lessons  or not, we’re still grateful to God.

We’ve realized the journey begins where it get tougher if it’s not tough yet wait until it becomes, bet you,  you’ll enjoy it and the end result will either  be; #you survived through or you gave up#

It’s been 1 year already since Girls corner international Cameroon embarked on a mission to make life more meaningful to adolescent girls in its community. They’ve been challenges but we rose above them all, sometimes we thought  of stopping right there, but we couldn’t  because it’s all for the love of our Girls, Girls who are our sisters, our friends, soon will be wives, then moms and what have you. It’s all about them(Girls) if everyone could spend a few penny, and some few hours on them, life would be better, because; you empower/educate a girl; you empower/educate generations to come.

It took Girls Corner International (GCI) Cameroon 12months to get through the target of empowering 20 adolescents girls in its community through the Project #Empower A girl Save A Generation# drawn with inspiration from Prov22.6 of the Holy Bible. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. At the start of the project we had a total number of 22 girls who subscribed to be empowered and mentored  in June 2017, but by the end of May 2018 we had a total of 15 girls who stood their ground and didn’t give up on impacting their lives through the help of their parents and guardians. GCI-Cameroon Team says thank you to all the parents and guardians who stood by us in encouraging the girls to be present for each program session.

GCI-Cameroon will also like to appreciate the hard work and the relentless efforts of all it’s team members for believing in the project #empower a girls save a generation# and putting in time, energy and resources to make it work, and we say, There’s still more to be done please don’t relent your efforts.

We wait with eagerness to see what the second batch of the Project #Empower A Girl Save A Generation#  will look like, as we prepare our schedules and resources to start again come August 2018.

More pictures of the first batch of the project# Empower a girl save a generation will be released as the days go by.

Getting there is a longer journey than what you see now. Challenges will come, things will happen but if only you can keep striving through, you’ll get there.

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