Your Passion is driven by how you see life, live life and how ambitious you are and your Passion can only be sustained by 3things; God, Hardwork and Consistence

If everyone can try living for a girl,  life will be better for all.

Why live for a girl! because these girls are future mothers, sisters and friends. It cannot be disputed that women spend more time with  kids than does the fathers and so the impact can’t be disputed thereof. So if our energy can just a little bit be focused on girls while they’re still young, imagine the transformed kind of moms, sisters and friends this world will have in some years.
So until you start speaking your passion to light i.e start turning your passion into reality, then that passion isn’t “Your Passion”, it is just your thought.  Speak your passion to light, you can’t be passionate about something you don’t or can’t do #bring to lamplight your PASSION#.

To Girls Corner International, Better is when every young girl is involved and we’re just bringing to light our PASSION 

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