She’s a virgin II (It’s okay to be one)

Girls, Grace yourselves up. Lead you and love you. Stay Pure for it is the will of God for us all.


When I wrote the first publication I didn’t know I’ll be writing a second one and maybe a third one but when my readers shared their views with me, I realised there’s still a lot of address about being a virgin. So once again

Dear girlfriends

I’m here once again, because I discovered that there are so many of us who desperately want to lose our virginity because it’s no more a societal norm to be a virgin. I understand that you feel left out among your friends when they’re talking about sex and how enjoyable it is. I understand that guys think you’re naive and inexperienced in the aspects of satisfying a man’s sexual needs. I understand that you aren’t proud of being a virgin especially in this 21st century. I understand that you don’t even think there’s anything special about being a virgin.I understand that you are a…

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