Fridays’ Tussles

I don’t Understand but Lord i know You’re in Control.

When Faith is no were close to your mind

and those senseless thoughts cover your mind,

You can feel hot tears, Loud headaches,

Strong gnashing of teeth,

Head bowed down,

heart fading away,

Life gradually dying off and Smiles sized,

love nowhere close,

Then, just before the end of the Road,You hear a loud Voice saying;

It is well my Dear, I am God, I cannot Change I’m still on my throne. Be still and know that I Am God

I don’t Know what you’re going through today but i just wanna assure you that Hope is here and its knocking at your hearts’ bell. Heed the voice, heed the voice.


All Tussles have an expiry date, they may last  minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years, but surely they’ll pass, if only you can see the end of the Tussle when it brightens up, then you overcame!!!.

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