Welcome to “The International Day of the Girl Child October 11”.

So here my people, today is the Dee day. It’s the International day of the Girl Child which is celebrated every October 11.

And so far I’ve been trying to bring to our knowledge Girls Corner’s involvement in developing and improving the lives of girls and young women since Monday October 8th.

This years celebration is carried out on the Theme ” With her, A Skilled Workforce ”


Am sorry if it looks like today is a picture day but yes, am so happy with the course I’ve chosen “empowering girls and women”, my experience is one I can’t really express because of the much satisfaction i get every time am doing the job and even after when I see the impact, but given that today is the “Dee Day”, I’ll share with us my experiences on the job so far. I remember calling it a job and someone asked me how much do you make from this job Mercy?, and I was like wow, what part of using your money for free and spending your time when no one asked you to, does she not understand, actually just the time and energy as well as the way I present these girl activities tell you that it is a course/my purpose am exercising 😍 lol as if she understood that.


But yeah, I wish I could squeeze open my heart for her to see the joy I live each time am working with these girls πŸ˜‚.

Ok let’s go back to my experience all the way in Girls empowerment.

  1. Girl child development and empowerment is an interesting journey, you’ll have people praise you and at the same time others mocking you πŸ˜‚ that’s funny but true.
  2. Working with adolescents is not a joke. Yes it’s true that youths can easily influence other youths in many positive ways, but there’s also likely going to be a lot of disrespect and other things. For my case, most of the girls of Girls Corner under mentorship are adolescents and range between the ages of 11-24years and just to mention that am just 24years my self πŸ˜‚ you can understand what I mean right. It’s quite difficult some times to handle them but I let go of self, allow them have their way but counsel them later, encourage them to do right and pray for them.
  3. Thirdly, getting parents agree to send their children for mentorship is mother thing. you have to go to the homes of the girls send in appeal letters and go around on the day of the opening to fetch the girls from their homes and make sure they take part in the activities on that day, send in messages a day or 2days before the next meeting session to make sure to attend and are recurrent in all the activities. Its not easy but I get through it any ways #passion let you through things you cannot imagine you could walk pass them πŸ˜‚

like I said it’s a journey and journeys don’t just exist they have beginnings/Staring points and I bet you this ones’ start point is no joke. when some persons meet me they’ll be like , how did you start all these? and I always tell them, you have a dream, do well to deem it and be courageous to start. it doesn’t matter how small what you have at hand, what matters is you’ve started. one thing that may wanna stop you from starting is the fear of what people will say, but that’s not important, all you need to do is just start. if you’ve got a dream, am sure there’s passion in there, find a way to get passionate about what you dream of that way you’ll go ahead and start without being afraid of being criticized. and remember, Critics are part of our daily lives so live ahead of them/ live with them.

To journey you need to make sure you’re going where you ought to. here am talking about finding your purpose(Know if truly you wanna go that way and clearly define the route to that place you’re going to). if you’re going to embark on a journey where you don’t know where you’re going to, then it’s possible you may never get there. Ask your self, is this course am about to take really what I want to do? , why do I really want to take on this journey is it for money making, fame or you feel called to do this? You’ll need time to pray about this and think well before starting if not you may start and close up after some months or years. You also want to pray that God leads you to the right persons whom you can share your vision with if not you may chose the wrong persons and they’ll lead you to your end when the journey haven’t even started.

So dream, be passionate about your dream, move out boldly and start because until you start, you can’t achieve your dream.

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