Hey Friends it’s been a while :Life updates

Hello my good friends it’s been actually 1 week I haven’t posted anything here, today I can stand to testify that life, Really Just happens.

For some time now I’ve been having crises with my eyes that kept me off my gadgets for days while I was on treatment. I couldn’t even go through any of my social media platforms.

Well eye pains have been one of the most regular pains I’ve gone through this year it all started back in July this year which I thought to myself, they’re just normal pains it will go away but to my unfortunate surprise, it develope to something serious started having nerves pains on my forehead and regular headaches which persisted till I went for checkup, please permit me not give all the details on the results of the checkup ☺ ☺ but it wasn’t good at all. So I was place on treatment for a week in August after which I was prescribed lenses which I wore for close to 2 months. Just 2 weeks back I had these headaches which I couldn’t get control over, took some medicine but nothing, so last week I couldn’t stand the pain anymore had to go back to the ophthalmologist for checkups and I was told the headache and nerves pains was as a result of not frequently wearing my lenses, not properly having them cleaned up and because the power of the lens was stronger than my eyes, don’t ask me about this because I don’t also understand how this could be…

So I was put on bed rest and advised to stay off any gadgets for the light from the gadgets could cause more harm and I’ve been placed on nerves treatment for the nextΒ  3 months coupled with some eye drops to ease the pains which is working like magic and am so grateful to God for.

Something Great 😍 happened while I was off gadgets and media platforms though, I received a call from the Divisional head office of my locality Yaounde Mfoundi requesting that I pass by their office to collect Legalization papers for Girls Corner International NGO. Why I say it’s great news is because when I started Girls Corner International last year July 2017 it wasn’t officially registered and many people were all very skeptical about the progress of the as well as the vision/mission of the organization. I met a lot of persons last year 2017 to support my work with the girls but most of them didn’t buy in my vision because I wasn’t registered legally but I kept going, I got to empower 15 girls last 2017 session and this year I’ve got a total of over 35 girls with a 25 number on a regular, am happy about the efforts I and my team keep putting in to see that every girl in my locality gets the chance to improve themselves and still desire to stay in school after all. It’s a long journey that am very aware of but with God and heartsπŸ’• who care enough with their money, resources and time, we’ll surely get there.

So my Friends Feel free to send in your moral, financial, and material support, for we’re an official legalized entity and because every Girl deserves the right to anything everybody else deserves.

Thanks so much for your support, love and care.

Am back strong and healthy and am positive the medications am taking are workingΒ  πŸ’―% by the Grace of God.

With Love, Mercy Ngum. 😍 😍 😍 😍.

13 thoughts on “Hey Friends it’s been a while :Life updates

  1. My beautiful sister congratulations to you and the girls. God that gave you these vision to serve girls corner intl will never allow sickness to hold you down because you are doing his work by affecting lives, divine health is your inheritance in Jesus name. Amen. Blessings to you Mercy. One love.

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