Updates on the Girls Empowerment program session of Sunday 21/10/2018.

Beautiful morning my dearest Friends it’s with great joy I’ll like to update you’ll on the GCI “Empower A Girl Safe A Generation” empowerment program activities .

Pictures below is a showcase of what we did with the Girls during the 15th girl empowerment session. They were being taught how to make jewelry using African beads. Work was shared some where making necklaces, others bangles while others were asked to make earrings. There were actually a mixture of beads colour. We had colours like blue, black, red, and yellow beads. The beads are actually very small and needs alot of attention when using them because they fall off all the time. In fact for better results we used small size needles to help pick the beads with the help of a twin threat. Am not sure I’ve explained the process or items well 😁 but please don’t blame me am still learning as well, we just get pros to do the job while we learn along with the girls 😁 😍.

I’ll keep us updated on how it turns out and will post pictures of the final outcome when it’s done. 😁 😁.

hanks for stopping by feel free to rebblog and share with others.

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