Glorious Weekend Friends: Updates on the GCI “Girls Empowerment Activities”

Welcome once more friends it’s with a grateful heart I write this post today. I wish to heartily thank you all for riding with me thus far, more love 😍 😍 😍.

Last Sunday’s Girls Corner empowerment session was awesome I must say: Food, Food everywhere. I particularly love when work is all about food because am a food junkie 😁 😁 😍, silly, don’t mind me I just Love 😍 love cakes and can’t help but eat and eat each time am around them.

So we had a baking session with the girls, I can still remember the joy and smiles they had on their faces when they were informed that last Sunday’s session will be a cookery session πŸ˜‚, and yeah✌ the day was fulfilling to the girls.

OK let’s get back to the cake baking proper, so we baked two different cakes:Banana cake and plain cake.


For the Plain cake we used:

-All purpose flour

-Granulated sugar


-Ripped Bannas

-baking powder

-Vegetable Oil



-vanilla sugar

For this I’ll say it’s optional but if you need feel the goΓ»t (flavour) of the cake more.


Oh remember you’ll have to grind this into powder please don’t forget.

-baking pan

Hey dearies you could use any kind of baking dish you’ve got oh ☺

Here is the final out come

plain cake

Plain cake

Plain cake

Banana cake

Hey please this is just what I did with my girls and we intend to do more practical sessions of cake baking with them so they get full knowledge and master the process. I know many of us here have different ingredients we add to make our cakes taste better so please don’t judge just have a look and drop a useful taught below if you can 😍 😍, thanks for understanding😁 😁 😍 😍.

Thanks for stopping by, please stay tuned, Glorious Weekend to you 😘 😘 kiss 😍 😍 😍

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