Hello Friends am Glad you’re all doing well 1st December in mind

From HIV/AIDS spreading more amongst adolescent girls to 90 million girls who do not go to school, from half a million women who die from pregnancy related complications to the same complications being the second cause of death amongst girls aged 12-19, from one out of three (35%) of women suffering gender based voilence to 38% of deads amongst women caused by their intimate partners, we can assert that women and young girls are more vulnerable and most live in precarious conditions.

These are critical conditions that call for dedicated initiatives in order to reach out to these vunerable ones.

#GirlsCornerInternational Cameroon is a Non-Profit and humanitarian Organisation based in Yaounde called to reach out and empower adolescent girls in communities by teaching them the Gospel, Sexual and Reproductive health and Gender awareness and offering Leadership and career coaching as well as vocational training.

Every Girl can effectively reach their full potential if they are followed-up and empowered.

start living for someone other than yourself today. You’ve got too much not to share with the world and the beautiful people around you.

I love you’ll.


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