International Day of the Girl Child

Invest in Girls you reap the benefits; Empower a Girl Save a Generation, Why not generations.#IDG2017#GirlsInAction# More Active Girls, More Active Society. GIRLS CORNER INTERNATIONAL; Empowering Young Girls.


Youth Advocacy III: Meet Salome Ghansenyuy Yuwong

When we talk of Making things Better it can only Start with you. Meet one strong; Intelligent, outstanding Beautiful Woman from Cameroon Making Change happen in the little way she can but slowly creating an Impact in her community. Thumps Up Lady of Valour. @GHANSENYUY SALOME YUWONG.

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Salome Ghansenyuy Yuwong is a 31-year old Cameroonian lady who teaching Chemistry in high school.

She is also a PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Yaounde I…and that isn’t all!

Salome is also a youth desk member of the Diakonia Committee of Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong – Yaounde, Ladies’ Leader of the World Changers’ Association Yaounde and the covision bearer / founder of an association – GLOYAF.

The talented woman of virtue explains that at the moment, GLOYAF operates mainly a mentoring platform and does youth counselling, orientatation and networking.

At the World Changers’ Association (WCA), Salome organises training sessions where she invites professionals to talk to the youth and educate them on how to choose their career path and search for jobs.

She also organises workshops where she brings experts to teach the youth how to do some income generating activities such as baking.

She now explains her mentoring programme…

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Girl Child development

It should be every body’s Concern.#Girl Child development#

Girls Corner Intl

Girl Child development is a process that prepares a young girl to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve her full potential. Girl Child development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies.


Girls Corner Intl, Empowering young girls.

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The Opportunity You are looking for is in You.

You Make you, No body but You.

Girls Corner Intl

You play a big part in your success. You can not depend on others to provide you with opportunities, You have the ability #able beyond all Odds# you have to create it yourself! That’s why here @Girls Corner  we create it our selves. Doing it in bits but Gradually Marking and living a Change in a Girl’s life. We are creating the opportunity for the promotion of Self and  Moral Living  in our Community.

Girls Corner Empower a Girl save a Generation! Why not #Generations.#


Creating the opportunity for the promotion of Self and Moral Living in our Community.

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