August’s Love Letter

Only Good successful people will share their secret of wealth with others🤗🤗🙂☺. SMART THINGS YOU NEED TO DO IN YOUR YOUTH THAT WILL MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE IN YEARS TO COME.augu At a time when too much is happening and not much is actually happening, there is nothing great than having to learn one or … Continue reading August’s Love Letter


HEY GUYS AM BACK!!! So I have been away from my blog like for ages, I miss writing and interacting with you'll my fellow bloggers. I must say I almost forgot what it feels like to wakeup every morning in the writing room of my blog but all the same, I did miss the blogging … Continue reading UPDATES

“The International day of the Girl Child 11 October”.

For the past few days I've been sharing with you photos of my activism with Girls. This year's celebration is focused on the Theme; With Her, A Skilled Workforce " And since today is the day celebrated all over the world, I'll still be posting More photos of the activities Girls Corner does for the … Continue reading “The International day of the Girl Child 11 October”.