Empower A Girl Save A Generation

Reaching girls in early adolescent offer an opportunity to guide their development, self-discovery and identity in positive ways and Prepares them for a better Future.This can easily be done through the education and empowerment of these girls in Schools, Churches, Homes and many other social Guarderings.Most of the girls we meet during social campaigns and advocacy face a lot of Social, Moral, emotional, Material, Financial and interaction imbalances due to lack of empowerment which result in;

  • a low self esteem

  • a lack in purpose

  • hindrance to self discovery

  • a low state of Morals

  • a lack of confidence

  • a lack of decision making ability

The uncertainties that come with young girls in their adolescent breeds social, moral,economic and material lopsidedness given that they are more exposed to societal hazards, cultures and beliefs which limits their abilities to make informed decisions and impact their own lives.

In this Effect, there can never be too many organizations that support girls development, empowerment and growth. The need for positive role models and guidance is big enough for everyone to get involved.

Girls Corner Empower a girl save a generation is a project created then with the aim of empowering and developing values, skills, knowledge, capacity building in adolescent girls from diverse backgrounds of the community who are the most sensitive and affected age group of the society.

Although much is being done so far about the involvement, training and capacity building and equality of the girl child nationally and internationally, most parents, societies and communities don’t still see the importance of the girl child development and empowerment and practically don’t put in time to see that these girls are empowered and motivated to become better girls, women, mothers, wives and citizens of the generation of tomorrow.

We know that when we empower girls,help them become bold and confident, everybody benefits.Girl child early empowerment and development is also an important tool for upholding girls rights and values, especially in Africa and in Cameroon where tradition and beliefs consistently threatens girls rights, potentials and abilities.

At girls corner our mission is to empower teenage girls in Morals, educate them to live healthy lives, teach them to be able to make decisions for themselves, help teach them to become self sustainable just by producing and selling hand made products and teach them how to build careers for themselves.


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