Girls Corner International (GCI) Cameroon

Girls Corner International Cameroon is a Non-Profit and humanitarian Organisation based in Yaounde called to reach, empower and develop adolescent girls in communities by teaching and training them in the Gospel, Sexual and Reproductive health and Gender awareness, Vocational empowerment, Leadership and career coaching and many others.

Every Girl can effectively reach their potential if they are fellow-up and motivated to do so and this should be the concern of everyone.

You’ll like to see a young girls’ life transformed and made better, support our work. We accept all forms of support be it financial contributions, material or even partnerships,we’ll be grateful.




18 thoughts on “Girls Corner International (GCI) Cameroon

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  5. Hi, Mercy ! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Your organization has wonderful goals. Best of luck!

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