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Being happy is good for individual and happiness doesn’t just make you feel better — it also brings a host of potential health benefits. Happiness protects your heart, strengthens your immune system and combats stress, diseases and disability.

As  all know positive  emotions appear to invigorate human beings, while

negative emotions have the opposite effect and the same thing happens with “happy-energy.” It’s contagious. People affect one another. So if you want someone else to be happy express your enthusiasm when you’re around others. Happy people have fewer pains and headache therefore the effort to be happy and stay happy is truly worthwhile.


1. Eat good food

2. Go on a dream vacation

3. Workout/ Exercise

4. Don’t skip food

5. Smile

6. Don’t expect too much from people

7. Take photos

8. Eliminate toxic people in your life

9. Try being…

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2 thoughts on “45 WAYS TO BE HAPPY

  1. I love this write up, happiness helps us to be free from stress within and outside. Stressing over things will not get things done quickly or having the result. A mind that’s relax and free of worries can think. Unfortunately is not everybody that can operate in happiness due to the struggles of life. Anyways God will strengthen us to always live it. Thanks

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