She’s a virgin!!!

Girls Lead yourselves it is the only thing that will matter at the end


Dear girlfriends,

This is a letter from a girl like you, it’s a beautiful thing that you’ve chosen to honour God with your body by keeping yourselves for your husbands , God is very happy with you for making that choice. But as wonderful as it is, it not a guarantee for a happy home, you’re a virgin doesn’t automatically make you better than every lady that’s not, your virginity up to this moment is not by your power dearie, it’s by God’s grace, yeah I know a lot of you will say ‘ I kept myself, I abstained from anything that could contaminate my mind’ , I totally agree with you but consider those that lost their virginity through rape, they also ‘ kept themselves’.

I must applaud you for making the deliberate decision to honour God but I need you to understand that your virginity does not give…

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